Сказки Якутии

Brave hunter

Once upon a time there lived a brave hunter Turgen-Atah* (from the Yakut — Fast Leg). He was

from a tribe of foremen named Aar-Duo Toion. He was famous for its accuracy and speed. He

could shoot through the hare for 1 kes* (Yakut. Measure of length equal to 10 km). And at the tribal

games, he was the most important champion in the game Kyly* (folk sports game: running jumps

on one leg on 12 marks). Therefore, he was the most beloved hunter of Aar-Dyuo Toyon.

But once great evil came to the land of Aar-Duo Toyono. From the Lower World to the Middle

World came the son of abaasy* (from the Yakut — Evil spirit) — Wat Coolumurdes. He hid in the

forest, next to the Aar-Dyuo Toyono tribe, and awaits inept hunters, and takes them to his lower

world. And in exchange for the hunters, he from Aar-Duo Toyono asks his younger daughter to give

him as his wife. So every day less and less hunters in Toyono remains. The lord became infuriated:

“who will bring fowl to my tribe, and I don’t want to give my daughter to marry monster”. He has 
been thinking about solving the problem for three days and three nights. No one was allowed to him

and he did not eat anything. He has not thought of it yet. He gathered all the young and middle-

aged members of tribe and decided to send the best hunter Turgen-Atah behind the head of the


The hunter took the blessing from his parents and got ready to go. He came into the thicket part of

the forest. He made a fire and, while burning a piece of pancakes in the fire, was reading algys*

(Yakut tradition: read algys during a hunt, so that the spirit of the forest shares its wealth). Then he

took a bow and arrows, and began to inspect the neighborhood.

Long wandered through the forest Turgen-Atah, looking for a demon. The night became. Before

going to bed, he shot three birds with one stone and, having prepared dinner, went to sleep. In his

dream he sees: he stands in a big urasa* (a Yakut house), and next to him three beauties called him

to have lunch with them. But, looking at the younger one, he saw a long tail that looked like a

scythe. He understood that in front of him was the daughter of Wat Coolumurdes. The abaasy

daughters took a real look and began to pull him into the Lower World. But the hunter was strong,

freed, and left the urasa. Waking up, the daughters of the abaasy remained in the mind of Turgen-

Atah, where they burned down.

It was night. The stars foreshadowed the hunter's failure. Hears someone sneaks. He made a bow

and arrows, took aim. Suddenly, from behind, something struck him with such force that Turgen-

Atah almost lost his balance. In front of him stood Wat Coolumurdes. The battle has begun. For

three days and three nights they fought not for life, but for death. Until they fell dead. Forces are

completely gone. Yakut's white nights lit up the bodies of the mighty hunter and the treacherous

abaasy. The hunter recalled that he had sworn to return with his head abaasy, he remembered that

he was born to be a hunter, he remembered what he had to do. He got up and cut off the monster's

head from his last strength.

A month has passed. Turgen-Atah's parents were saddened, Aar-Duo Toyon lost hope. But at the

thirtieth dawn, a hero came with the head with abaasy and abducted hunters. People rejoiced. Aar-

Dyuo Toyon’s daughter married Turgen-Atah and they healed happily.