Роман в стиле "Гугл"

                   This is a real story began May 27, 2016. Man from Russia and a woman from the Philippines who both 50 years old. They met on the internet and fell in love. They did not know a foreign language. But the universal language of love and Google have helped them to realize their secret passion!                             



                 Honeyyy!!! I want to sleep with you honeyy!!
                 Where are you honeyy???
                 Honeyyyy!!! Where are you? I want to nap..
                 Honeyyyy!!! Why???
                 I miss you honeyyyy
                 Honeyyyy!!! Talk to me please
                 Please honeyy
                 Where did you came from..
                 You are joking me again honeyy!!
                 Honeyyy....what are you doing honeyy?
                 Do you drink again???
                 Honeyyy!!! If you not answer, i go to nap honey!
                  My baby! I miss you so much! Where are you now?
                 I do not drink, my love! I promised you! I slept before 21:00!
                 And you can call on Skype?
                 Ahahaha! My baby! You're scaring me these animals?
                  Honey! I will not give you sleep! I'll shove your tongue in your pussy! My finger in your ass! I'll start matsurbirate your two holes! Your pussy stanept immediately wet and you can not sleep! While my dick explodes in your pussy like an atomic bomb!
                 Why is my child so sad in the photo? I kiss all of you in the picture! Are you still sad! Who hurt you honey?
                 Honeyy!!! I had so many mail you!!! You did not answer me
                 I said i am hungry!
                  My love! I've been waiting a long time! And then I fell asleep!
                 You currently do not have customers? Can I call you on Skype? I have not heard your voice!
                 Honeyy… we have customer
                 My staff doing hair rebanding..it's take 5 to 6 hours
                 It will finish at 3:00 in this afternoon
                  Wow!!! Honey! Simply shave his head !!!
                 I already finish my turn i did her facial
                 If i do that no body comes to my salon honeyy
                  Shave her head and cut it with a wet cloth!
                 You are joking
                  Even I can work in your salon honey!
                 No..do not work here..sometime i got many beautiful lady!
                 I did so many hairy waxing in their pussy honey!
                 Well! And I wanted to come to you in Kalibo! I wanted to get to you in the salon! I wanted women to shave their heads! I wanted to make them awful! To me you're not jealous!
                  My specialty is make-up, waxing and beauty care..
                  My baby! I love your hairy wet fragrant sweet red pussy!!! I want to live in your pussy !!!!
                  Wow! I'm proud of you, honey!
                  Do not go to my salon!!!
                 How come i can not jealous you honey?
                  I will not go in your salon! there's too much shaved pussies!!! They distract me from my wet hairy pussy !!!
                  Honey! That you suck my dick !!!
                  I want it honeyyy
                 I also want to!
                  I kiss you
                 Hug me.honeyy
                 How can i escape here
                 I want to hear your voice also
                  I kiss your lips! I kiss your nose! I kiss your neck! I kiss below! I kiss your breasts! I suck your nipples! I kiss even lower! I kiss your belly button! My tongue reaches into your navel!
                  Honeyyy..you are seducing me..i become hot honeyyy
                  I Spreading your feet! Wow! Your pussy is beautiful! your hairy pussy always wants my hot dick!!! Your pussy has become wet! The thought that my dick is to fuck your cave!
                  I want to lick your tummy going down to your dick honeyyy
                 I want to lick your dick head..aaaaaahhh
                 Honeyyyy!!! I like that
                 I wanted to suck and more lick
                 I lick your head dick like a lolipop candy
                 My dick has become hard as a rock! I lay on you honey! You eresh my dick and inserts it in your pussy! I pushed my dick back and began to fuck you very quickly and very deeply! You moan honey!
                  I lick more
                 your sweet pussy juice is flowing! The juice flows down my balls and my dick! I fuck you like a hungry dog! Your body is shaking! Your pussy is trembling! Your uterus shake off my dick! Your hairy pussy jumping like crazy!
                 I can not control..i want to go home
                 What are you doing to me..i become maniac to you honeyyy
                 Please fuck me deeply
                 Your ass is jumping like a ball! You dick pulls at you! Your cave bursting from my dick! You ask me, honey, fuck me deeper and harder! I fuck you very deeply and very much !!!
                 I feel i'm wet already honeyy .i got fever of love
                 Honeyyyy fuck me deeperrrrrr
                 I want to cummm
                 From the head of my dick juice flows straight into your womb! The uterus is happy!!! Have you scream honey! Your whole body is shaking like a string !!!
                  Honeyyyy.i wan to go home
                 I am hot hot hot hot
                 My dick in your pussy! My finger in your ass! I fuck you from both sides! The two holes! Your body trembles! You're go-ing to explode honey!
                 I feel to much wet
                 Honeyyyy..i want to shout...honeyyyy!!! Fuck me deeper...i cum sooonnn
                 your pussy all wet! I fuck you! I fuck you very deeply honey! My dick rests in your womb! But you want even deeper! I try to come into your uterus !!!
                 Honeyyyyyy!!! Please ........
                 I cummmmm
                 I cummmmmm
                 I fuck you baby! your legs on my shoulders!!! I try to enter very deeply into your cave !!!
                 I want to show you my pussy how to come but i 'm a shame honeyyy
                 Honeyyyy..i finishhh
                 I'll finish it in your pussy!!! In your wet red sweet pussy !!!
                 I run to my toilet room...ooooohh my honeyyy
                 You always make me hot so much hot
                 I love you honeyyy
                 What about you my honeyy
                 Did you cum?
                 Thank you my love! I finished in your pussy!!! The whole body is shaking! My dick and eggs shaking!!! I love you very much my little girl!
                 I lick your head dick
                 Your sperm
                 I kiss your face, honey! You are smiling! Therefore, I am happy !!!
                 Homeyyy...you can call me honeyy...just a minute..i escape
                 Honeyyy..i'm so crazy...my eyes not so good again
                 My salon is in front of my house
                 I escape to hide my cum in toilet room..and to entertain you in a skype
                 Now i go back to the salon honey! I'm sitting in my desk table now
                 Looking for my staff doing
                 But my eyes is terrible i need to use my eye glass to hide my eye bad
                 Honeyyy..i talk to you later..our customer want to pay her bills
                 You're my honey so beautiful! I love you so much!!!
                 Honeyyy..i really miss you, every time i saw your face i wanted to climb in you
                 I always cried every time i saw you in skype honey!!
                 My love! I guess it's good that I do not see you on Skype! I would have cried!
                 Did you cried also honey?
                 I meant, only girls are cried honey! You are a Soldier honey
                 Ex melitary
                 Of course I'm crying! I want to go to you! And it is almost impossible!
                 Honeyyy!!! I forgot to ask you, if you do not mind my honey
                 Do not say that honey!!! It is possible to go with me
                 My love! Cry of fear for the man's a shame! Cry of Love — this is happiness! I feel my baby and I cry with you!
                 If you not come! I always waiting you until i getting old and die
                 Yes, we both in love honey! That's why we cry
                 Yes, my love! It is difficult! And then I'll come to you!
                 You are my man honey!!
                 Yes my love! Therefore we cry!
                 I feel so happy honeyy..everyday i'm in the mode
                 It's because of you ..always " i good mode"..
                 I, too, honey! With you, my life was filled with sunshine!
                 Hahahahaha..Mr Sergey is very jealous to you honey..cuz you are good musician and you are also inspired
                 If he knows about us..i think he was more jealous you honey! But off course we wanted to be careful honey..because i do not want you to have a scandal to your society and in your family and friends
                 But honeyy! If Mr Sergey attempt to comunacate e again! I want to frank him honeyy!
                 I tell him...i like and love all the music of Mr Sergey Voronin sir!
                 My love! You can communicate with him! I do not forbid! Once again, compare me to him! It is also good!
                 No honeyyy!!
                 He's your friend on Facebook! He would be offended at you! You'll just talk to him! And nothing else!
                 Honeyyy..you give me to Sergey?
                 Talk to me?
                 For me..i do not give you to others honeyyy
                 No honey! I'll never not give it! Maybe you yourself want to communicate with him! Are you afraid of my jealousy! I dont know!
                 Then write to him that you love me!
                 You write it, you — my wife of God !!!
                 Sergey mad with these words!
                 I write it honey it honey. I want to tell him that i love you! That is what i meant to be..i want to tell all over the world i love you
                 The only i protect is our family honey
                 My love! Do not be afraid for my family! This Sergei nobody knows of my family! I love you very much my baby !!!
                 Okay..i write him..i want to show you my love
                 Yes my sweet heart! I adore you! I kiss your lips honey! I kiss your wet… I will not say that!
                 Honeyy...i am sorry ..i can not mail to your friend.sergey..i can not send him. I tried to send him but it will appear, un-block… i remember i block him after we meet here honey
                 Maybe that's why he request me to talk in messenger honey
                 My love! Forget about this person! And please do not worry! Let me give you a kiss on the lips!
                 Maybe he want me to talk but he can not send me his message
                 You seducing me again honeyyy
                 Yeah girl! My dick became hard as a rock again!
                 I just want you to be honest only..i want to forward his mail for me before we meet honey
                 Honeyyy… your wife is coming!!
                 I just introduce your furry pussy — my dick just like a tree trunk!
                 I want to hold your dick again honeyyy
                 no! It will come at 7 o'clock! Honey! I want you back!
                 Hello friend! English know very bad, sorry! You know my songs? You know my friends? What you contree, town? Sorry far my bad English !
                 Morning, Alice! I am profi — billiard: pool, snooker. I know Philippines player — Bustamante!!! You love billiard? You song? Give me, please, foto Chino Romero !Goodbay, friend !
                 Ahahaha! Honey! We're like a couple! The honeymoon! We fuck each other day and night !!!
                 Hahahaha..yes honey!!
                 That 2 message are from sergey honey
                 Forget him...i want to lick your dick honeyyy
                 I lick your head dick
                 Yes honey! I understood that!
                 I want to lick your dick more
                 Honeyyy..tell me what am doing? For you to make you happy in bed
                 Wow! Honeyyyyy! I kneel you
                 I lick your dick honeyyy
                 Yes honey! Suck my dick! lick my dick head! Let the juice from my dick you flowing on the tongue!
                 I lick and suck honeyyy
                 Yed honeyyy..i like your juice honeyyy
                 I love it honeyyy
                 You take in your mouth all my dick! According to the most eggs! My dick in your deep throat !!!
                 I sucking deeper to my throat honeyyy
                 I suck and suck in my mouth honeyyyy...in and out to my mouth
                 We lie down in position 69! Your pussy immediately became wet honey! I stuck a finger into your cave! My tongue licks your sweet clit!!! Wow!!! The juice of your pussy is my mouth !!!
                 Your clitoris became big red wet solid!!! I suck your clitoris! Pussy juice, juice from my dick! All around us in our juice, honey!
                 What are you doing again
                 OH MY...honeyyyy
                 I become hot hot hot
                 I can write..my body is screaming and shaking honeyyyyy
                 Am feel hot hot hot
                 What a maniac we are honeyyy
                 I go to my toilet room again OH MY....
                 My love! I'm going to fuck you in the dog pose! I turn back to you! I Spreading your buttocks! I kiss you right in the ass! My tongue reaches into your ass! Then my tongue creeps into your cave! I lick you all the honey! I take my dick in your hand and insert into your pussy! You ass back! Dick flew into the cave until the uterus! Wow!!! I begin to fuck you in the pussy up to the uterus honey!
                 It's terrible feeling again ..am high of happiness, sweet and delicious feeling
                 Honeyyyy, fuck me deeper and hard honeyyy… please...
                 I fuck you like a hungry dog! My balls fly as balls and knocking on your ass! My balls on your wet honey juice! Have you scream! Your pussy was trembling! your body is shaking! I masturbate your clitoris! The clitoris is hard! Wet! Red!!! Wow !!!!
                 I am so wet here...honeyyyy
                 I very love you!!! I want to fill you with my sperm gllovy to toe!!! Your pussy is already all wet! Soon she naplnitsya my sperm to the edge!
                 when you masturbate my clit..honeyyyy
                 I think.....i… cummmm… soooon
                 I fuck your pussy deeply! Hard! Hot!!! My dick in your pussy feels like home !!!
                 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! My honeyyyyyy...i want youuu
                 Honeyyyyyy!!! Help me....i cummm soooon
                 Yes my love!!! We finished with you! Together we take off into space!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
                 Fuck me deeper honeyyyyy..please...i cummmmmm
                 Honeyyyyy....i cummmmmm
                 Honeyyyyyy!!!what a great feeling honeyyyyyyyy
                 I cummmmmm
                 I fuck you!!! I masturbate her clit!!! You're yelling! You moan!!! Pussy moaning too !!!
                 Honeyyyyyy..i finishh
                 Aaaahh!!! So much fuck
                 I love it honeyyyy. I really love my honeyuu
                 I love.you.honeyyy
                 How much more if we met hon?
                 I think we do more fucking honey
                 Thank you my love! I finished the second time that day!!! Wow!!! My dick is shaking like a string !!!
                 My love! When we meet, I'll finish 4-5 times a day !!!
                 Hahahahaha..4 to 5 times a day?
                 Wow!!! We try it honeyy..i think we do honeyy
                 Ahahahaha! And 4-5 times a night !!!
                 Honeyyy..i 'm happy that you cum 2x today honeyy..my responce is late honeyy..cuz we close now
                 To sleep we will not honey! Time to sleep we will not !!!
                 Okay ..lets a deal
                 OK, my love!!! I love you very much my baby!
                 Honeyyy..i go to the hospital this evening...remember 2 days ago..i said i went to hospital
                 My sister confine to hospital saturday evening
                 What happened my love?
                 She got bleeding honey..she has mayoma
                 Cyst in her uterus honey
                 I'm afraid honey
                 She like me
                 Oh my God! My wife also had a fibroid!
                 Yes, honey, she under go operation this evening ..9:00PM THIS evening honey
                 I will pray for her honey !!!
                 Shall we eat dinner honey!!! After dinner ..i take shower again go to hospitAl
                 Thanks honey
                 I mail you when i'm in hospital honeyy
                 Well my baby! I'll wait for you!
                 Honey! We go to hospital now
                 I love.you honey
                 Honeyy!!! We are here in the hospital already
                 I feel nervous honeyyy
                 Hold on my love! Everything will be fine!!! I pray for you !!!
                 Her operation is 9:00PM This evening
                 Okay honeyy..you go to sleep honey
                 Take a rest honey
                 OK, my love! You just do not worry! I love you very much! You are my happiness honey!
                 I know you have work for tomorrow… but honeyyy!!! Do not forget me if you are in work honeyyy
                 My love! I will never forget you! I tomorrow from 9 to 11 am at work! And then I come home and give you a kiss on the lips! And hug gently, very gently, honey!
                 СР 2:22
                 I feel very nervous here honeyyy
                 СР 4:51
                 Good morning, my love! I want to show you my new music about us, my baby!
               Сергей Воронин «Поздняя любовь» 
                 СР 7:36
                 Honeyyy! Good morning hon !
                 Hahahahaha...my honeyyy!!! I lick your dick boy honey !!!
                 I went home recently this morning at 3:00AM honey, from the hospital
                 Ooooooooo! Then rest my love!!! I love you very much! I went to work!
                 Hug me and kiss me
                 Yes my love! I embrace you tenderly and passionately kiss your sweet lips in !!!
                 I hug you and kisses honeyyyy!!!
                 Honeyyyy!!! I miss you!!!
                 Okay honeyyy!!! I know you are in travel now
                 I love you my honey!!
                 СР 8:59
                 СР 11:04
                  Honey! I'm home! I love you, my baby! I really miss you! I kiss your lips! I kiss your sweet wet hairy ...head!!! My love! I want to show you my story "Odyssey of China!" This story is about my life in China!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6IuQGfUgQw
               Сергей Воронин «Музыка к киноповести «Одиссей из Поднебесной»
                 Wow, honey!!! You know that after my second hobby is books! I'll translate it in Google and will be read in the cabin… while no customers in my saloon!!! Do not lose me, honey !!!
                 Honey!!! I read the shed and your cry!!! This is a very touching romantic story!!! Ooooooo!!! It hurts honey… You love this Chinese woman Liu… I know… honey!!! So you have a child in China by Liu? Does your wife know about this?    This story about Liu, Bufu, you… and I am very touched, honey !!!!
                  My love!!! Why are you crying? This story with Liu occurred 16 years ago! I know nothing about Liu and her baby honey!!! I had forgotten this woman!!! My wife does not know anything about my relationship with Liu!!! My baby!!! I love you only !!!
                  No honey!!! I know… you love… Liu! She is so beautiful! She's so young honey !!!!!
                 СР 12:15
                  Honeyyy! Are you okay?
                 Did you sleep honeyy?
                 Honeyy..I 'll go to hospital later ..maybe 3:00 this afternoon
                  Honeyy!!! I take shower i go to blood bank, my sister need more 2bags of blood..i'll chat you amd i want to show by sending mail ..the messsage of your friend for me this morning
                 Later when im not busy honeyy
                  Well, my baby! Now I go to sleep after dinner!
                  Honeyyy! We are travel going to another city.it's will drive by 2hour going there
                  No stock of blood here
                  We have heavy rain here honey
                 We can not see our way going to Roxas City honey!
                 Honey!!! Talk to me!!
                 Did you sleep honey?
                 Honeyy!!! I miss you!!
                 Honeyyy!!! I'm so sad...where is my honeyyy???
                 Honeyyy??? You do not miss me honeyyy??
                 What happen
                 I got angry
                 Honeyy!!! I'm here in Roxas City now..we ask to buy blood..
                  When i finish here..if we are going back to Kalibo, i sent you all of a message of mr sergey
                 I want to be honest with you
                  My love! I believe you! You're my woman! I just woke up and immediately kissed your face in the picture! I love you very much! Can I call you on Skype?
                  Why you so long to answer me honeyyy??
                 I miss you
                 I'm here inside the car waiting my youngest sister… she is inside the office to by blood
                 Honeyy!!! We are already finish .we bought 2 bags of blood honeyy
                 We are go home now to Kalibo… we take 2 hours again going to Kalibo honey
                  My love! I fell asleep after lunch at 2 o'clock! We are in the rain and all the time you want to sleep! I also miss you very! Then I'm going to play music! I'll wait for you honey!
                  We can chat honeyy
                 I'm not driving
                 Our cuo
                 Our cousin is driving
                  I want to kiss you in the pussy honey! Are you in the car!
                  Yes honeyyy!!! I'm in the car
                  I sit with you in the back seat! My finger in your pussy! Wow!!! Your pussy is already wet! I masturbate your clito-ris! You masturbate my dick! Cousin can not see anything!
                 What are you doing again...Aaaaaaaahhh
                 You make me hot hot hot
                 I want to lay in your 2 legs
                  You touch my balls! My dick is already like a stone! I touch your clitoris! My finger in your wet cave! Oooooooooooooooo! Do you want to moan! But you are afraid of a cousin! My baby! My finger is very deep in your cave! Your cave is vibrating! I touch your womb! Uterus gives a lot of sweet juice! I want to lick your pussy but I'm afraid your cousin!
                 What are you doing honeyy
                  My baby! Suck my dick soon! I cum in your mouth!!! While the cousin did not see!
                 I am a shame
                 I love you so much honey!!! You are my treasure!
                  You are my diamond honey!
                  My finger at you deep in the pussy! My second finger masturbate your clitoris! Your pants are already wet! Your sweet hairy pussy juice flowing all! Wow!!! How do I want to lick your pussy! But I'm afraid your cousin !!!
                  My baby! You just do not shout! Your pussy is itself screams out loud! Your pussy all day wants my dick hot red!
                 I'm very sad
                  I, too, my love! And the music turns sad!
                 СР 18:48
                 I can not make a cum
                 How can i cum
                 My whole body is hot hot
                 My cousin is always talking to me
                 Honey! Internet not working!!
                 Honeyyy! I am home now..we dropped the blood to the hospital and i went go home honeyy! I am so hungry honey..we takes almost 7 hours in the rode
                 Where are you honeyy
                 Where are you honeyyy???
                 Honeyyy..can you translate me in english this message of your friend on FB Sergey look at it honey..
                 As i said honey..i send you his message for me honeyyy
                 Hello friend! English know very bad, sorry! You know my songs? You know my friends? What you contree, town? Sorry far my bad English !
                 This is our conversation honey
                 Morning, Alice! I am profi — billiard: pool, snooker. I know Philippines player — Bustamante!!! You love billiard? You song? Give me, please, foto Chino Romero !Goodbay, friend !
                 Hi !
                 Good Evening Sir!
                 You know Sergey Voronin Sir?
                 Here is his answer honey! Can you translate honey in english?
                 Здравствуй, Алисия !
                 Ты красивая !
                 I love you !
                 I love my music! Moi idol — Жигулин, my friend, zviashennik
                 А ты веришь в Бога ?
                 Сколько тебе лет ?
                 Hay old I you ?
                 I drink !
                 I want women
                 Slip ?
                 Sleep ?
                 Darling ?
                 I love my Mussik !
                 Darling !
                 Darling !
                 Dura !
                 This is my mail for him
                 Why you want woman?
                 You are married already!
                 I am 50years old
                 I love sergey voronin
                 His answer to me honeyy! Is here:
                 I drink, drink… Very oil ...
                 I have, 63 old
                 My love! you wrote it right this fool! I'll do the music and come to you!
                 I want you honeyyy
                 I did not cum recently honey, cuz my cousin talk to me always ..that's why i did not consentrate to you honey
                 I feel hot here ..hot for my dick..i want my dick always
                 My pussy wants your dick all day honeyyy
                 Honeyy!!where are you? Okay if you do not talk to me...i off my android
                 And i go to sleep and i do not want to open it again
                 My love! Why are you angry? I composed a tune for you! Just I finished it. I want you to fuck! Melody called love Bullfighting!
                 Okay honey, I'll wait for you
                 My baby! I love you! I have the whole day missed you! Can you ask? Forget zhtogo Sergei Barshchou fool! He was drunk and not very healthy man! Problems with his head!
                 I am yours! I take off your pants! I see your hairy wet pussy!!! Wow!!! I miss your pussy honey! I shove my tongue in your cave!
                 Yes honeyy..but i want to know what he said..i can not anderstand? That's why i told him ...I love you!!
                 After i told him that i love you… he stop mail me..hahahaha
                 My love! It is at the end of the conversation called you a fool!
                 He had a complete fool!
                 What ever he said honeyyy...its up to him… never mind him...he is fool also
                 He is crazy
                 I miss you
                 Honeyyy...hug me
                 Kiss me
                 We lie down in position 69! You start to suck my dick hot red! I lick your clitoris! Your pussy immediately became wet! Juice flowing from your pussy on my tongue!
                 Yesss honeyyy...am starting feel wet
                 I feel hot hot hot honeyyy
                 I love you very much my baby! I want you so much!!
                 Honeyyy… i lick your head dick honeyyy
                 I lick your dick honeyy
                 I want to suck your dick honey
                 I suck your dick deeper to my mouth and throath
                 Wow honeyyy
                 I kneel you
                 I lick your dick...honeyyy
                 I feel here so much horny honeyyy
                 My poor girl not allowed to finish today! Wow!!! My baby! I'm going to fuck you like a hungry dog!
                 Please i want your dick honeyyy
                 I'm hot.hot....ho..hot honeyyy
                  Suck my dick, my baby! Suck it deep! According to the most eggs! In your deep throat!!! Wow!!! From the head of my dick flowing juice! Right on your tongue!
                 Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Honeyyy
                 Honeyyyy...i lick more
                  I go with you honey! You take my dick and inserts it into your wet pussy! I pushed my dick go! Dick flew into your cave for the most eggs!!! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
                 I want your dick...aaaaahh… honeyyy...my body shaking
                 Ooooooooooooohhhh....my honeyyyy..pleasse fuck me honeyyy
                 Fuck me deeper and hard honeyyy
                  I begin to fuck you fast and very deep! I fuck you very hard honey!!! Your pussy gives a lot of juice! The juice is flowing on my dick and my balls!!! Wow!!! The scent of your pussy on the room!!! You moan honey! You almost shouting honey!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
                 Honeyyyy...do not stop fucking me… Honeyyy..please honeyyu
                 I'm so wet honeyyy
                  My finger matsrbiruet your clitoris! The clitoris has become a large and solid red! I fuck your cave is very deep! Until the uterus! The uterus is shaking! queen gives a lot of juice!!! Wow!!! Honey!!! I love you very much!!!!!
                 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...honeyyyyyy.....i shoutttt...honeyyyyy...sweeet and delicious......honeyyyy
                 My body shaking honeyyyy
                 Honeyyy...do not stop fucking me honeyyy
                 I fuck you even deeper! Even faster! Even harder! honey! Your pussy is now snaps !!!
                 Honeyyyyy....i am wet so much honeyyyy
                 Oooooooooooohhhhh!!! How sweet you are honeyyu
                  Your ass like a ball jumps! Your pussy is trembling! My dick in pussy trembles! Soon my dick explode in your pussy! How the atomic bomb!
                 I think i cummm ...honeyyy
                 I cummmmmm
                 Honeyyyyyyy!!! Ooooooooohhhh!!! I cummm ...honeyyy
                 I cum
                  Yes, my baby! we came together! Together we fly into space!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Flew!!! I finish !!!!!
                 I shout honeyyyyy....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
                 I love it honeyyyyy
                 I cumm
                 Wow..honeyyy...i lick your head dick honeyuu
                 I lick your sperm ...wow
                 Thank you honey!!! Lick my sperm! Swallow my cum! I lick your pussy! I swallow your sweet pussy juice from honey!
                 I really love you honeyyy
                 Love me.....
                  I'm happy with you my baby!
                 Me too my honeyyy
                 I really want you honeyyy
                 I love you honey! I always will love you !!!
                 Honeyyyy!!! You really love me honeyyy?
                 I also!
                 I love you honeyyu
                 My honeyyy...how we met my honeyyy
                  Yes honey! I really love you! if we lived in Islam I would have married!
                 I want you to marry me honeyy..but how
                 Please i want you true
                 You are my happiness
                  I do not know my love! I really do not know!!!
                 My sparkling in my life
                  You are my happiness! You're my holiday in the life of the honey !!!
                 How is your day today honey?
                 OK, my love! Only I was sad without you all day !!!
                 Honeyyy...i mail you always!!! But you", you don't answer my mail
                 My cousin ask me, who is my chatmate cuz i did not stop chat you
                 That is why i stop..cuz i know he observe me
                 Hahahahaha..you know honey!!! He looks my legs and feet shaking like a snake… and he said what happen? You want to3 pwe?
                 I said yes
                 So we park to the nearest restuarant and i exit to pwe
                 Hahahahaha..what a terrible happen to me recently it because of you
                 Heyyyy!!! Honeyyy! Where are you
                 My love! His wife was sitting at the computer! my baby! Do not forget that I have tomorrow the whole day at 6 am will go to Achinsk! Do not lose me!
                 My love! Goodnight! I want you to give a new clip Achinsk love Bullfighting! I'll do it and I will send you honey!
Сергей Воронин «Коррида Любви»
                 ЧТ 4:59
                 Четверг 4:59
                 Позвонить еще раз
                 Good morning my love
                 ЧТ 6:05
                 Good morning!
                 My love! You probably went to sleep last night? I went in Achinsk! Coming home around 5:00. I love you so much! I miss you so much! You're my real wife!!! I kiss you in your sweet lips! I embrace you honey !!
                 ЧТ 8:00
                 ЧТ 9:55
                 I am in hotel
                 Honeyyy..Just woke-up late honeyy
                 Honeyyy!!! I MISS YOU HONEYY!!!
                 I LOVE YOU MY HONEYYY!!!
                 Okay, honey you just work..i prepare my coffee..i woke -up so much late honey
                 I miss you very much baby
                 I drank coffee and go to class
                 I love you honey
                 I kiss your pussy
                 Honeyyy...Mr sergey...propose me..he said honeyy...alicia..i want you
                 I want women… I want you I love you alicia
                 You are my woman honey
                 Honeyyy!!! I said… do not love me ...cuz i love and in love uni to your friend.sergey Voronin
                 Sorry..i lreally in love to voronin..you can love to other woman not me
                 He chat me last night honey, after our hot lovemaking honey..he said ..i lie...i want you..i love you..only you i love..I'm lonlenies ..i want woman
                 Honey ..now he chat me..i always tell him ..do not love me.and please stop loving me..cuz my heart is belong to you only honey
                 I think he can not understand, what i meant to be for.him..
                 He does not now to translate your languege to english honey
                 Until now he chat
                 My love
                 I miss you honeyy
                 Please do your work..do not worry about our love..i am strong with our love honeyyy
                 You are my honeyyy
                 I love you..no other man can get me you honeyy
                 You are crazy
                 I love you
                 I am your man
                 He is crazy
                 Yes honeyy..he is crazy men..until now he chat me..always he said ..Dura..i love you...
                 My God
                 I want to kiss you honey
                 I always answer him..you are my love..i really love to Mr Sergey Voronin
                 Thank you for strong love honey
                 He answer me always… i want you..I love you..Darling..
                 Honeyyyy...you are my only love
                 Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.
                  Четверг 10:59
                 Позвонить еще раз
                 Look at him honeyy...he said...Please..please..please
                 Honeyy..i can not answer you my daughter sit beside me and partner hon
                 He drank viski again
                 Do not be worry honeyy..trust me!!! I am your girl..your honeyy
                 Ok honey
                 Yes..he said he always drink..he look me in fb..but he did not found me cuz i block him
                 That is why he use my cp no in messager to request me
                 Honeyy..take your lunch..after my lunch i take shower and nap and visit again to hospital..i give my advice to my staff to take care my salon
                 Honeyy..did you eat your lunch honeyy!!!
                 I finish my lunch honeyy!!
                 I am tired to read of sergey mail honeyy..he is always mail me until now..he want me ..he told ..please..please..please
                 I love you ..iwant you..Darling..i need you..what a crazy men..how many times that i told him i love to Mr Sergey Voro-nin honeyy..but he always answer me...i love you..i want you..i need you..
                 Honeyyyy...i want to sleep with you...
                 Honeyyy...tell me the truth? Did you not talk to sergey about us honeyy?
                 I want to tell him that you love me ..both honey..can I???
                 I love you very much honey
                 I want to be with you
                 Honeyyy...what are you doing..i go to shower now honeyy
                 If.you feel sleepy take you rest honeyy
                 And back to your work again..i want to mail you closely
                 ЧТ 14:07
                 I'm in the salon now honeyy!!
                 I miss you honeyy
                 Are you still working my honeyyy!!!
                 I love you honey !!
                 I miss you my honeyy
                 I go home
                 I love you
                 Wow!!! My honeyyy!!! I want to hug you honeyyy..i really miss you hon!!!
                 Ooohh my honeyyy!!
                 Четверг 14:41
                 Honey!!! I call you in a skype
                 I call you many times ..honeyyy
                 Honeyyy..your friend sergey is crazy!!!!
                 I think he wanted me to get with you honeyy
                 He is crazy.he talk again in again
                 Honeyy!!! I want to nap
                 I love you
                 Are you home honey
                 I kiss your photo honeyyy
                 I miss you honeyy
                 I love my honeyyy!!
                 I love you very much baby
                 I am on car
                 You are in a bus...
                 You can not cum in there
                 Me too here is so hotttt
                 Hot..hot hot..honeyyy
                 I want you
                 Yess..i am hotttt
                 Me too honeyy
                 But you are in a car???
                 I want you too
                 Honeyyy...i want you to fuck me
                 I wabt you to lick my clit
                 My honeyyy..i am so hot
                 What will i do???
                 I want to fack your pussy
                 Honeyyyy..aaaaaaaaahhh!!! Haaaaaaa.ahhhh.haaa..aaaaaahhh
                 I want to suck your dick honeyyy
                 I want you
                 m st
                 I will at home in 5
                 I will wait you honeyyy
                 I am so hot here honeyyy
                 I can not control here please
                 Honeyyy..i love you
                 I love you honey
                 Only you
                 Me too honeyy
                 I will wait honeyy..be carefull
                 I go to shower to relax my self honeyyy
                 Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.
                  Четверг 16:09
                 Позвонить еще раз
                 Alice позвонил(-а) вам.
                  Четверг 16:10
                 Позвонить еще раз
                 Вы позвонили Alice.
                  Четверг 16:16
                 Okay honey..i go upstairs i take shower..i go home to take shower
                 I got.home i meant
                 I love you
                 Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.
                  Четверг 16:21
                 I can not answer you i am home..partner here
                 I miss you honeyyy
                 My love! I'm home! I miss you so much honey! How well I'll see you now on the phone !!!
                 I finish my shower...honeyyy..i like and love your music recently..what a nice music to my ear and the girl very graceful to her dance..i like it honeyy
                 I miss you
                 My love! And you show me your pussy in the shower?
                 Everytime you mail me ..My body turning to hot
                 Honeyyy..i am shy..honeyyy
                 Please..i kiss your dick
                 My love! I'm kidding! I know that you're shy!
                 Hahahaha..but promise honeyy..when were met i show you my whole body
                 Honey! What if you're ashamed of me when we meet? And my dick will not be included in your pussy !!!
                 I give you my body if we met
                 OK, my love! I am going to take a shower! I'm dirty and sweaty man after the road!
                 I go with you in the showet
                 I lick your dick were you shower
                 Yes my love! Suck my dick! Suck it for the most eggs honey! I wanted you all day to fuck in the pussy! Fuck! In the mouth honey !!!
                 Honeyy...you wait me!!! I'm going yo visit my sister..give me 2hours honey..i mail you were i'm home..i go ..i go hpneyy
                 Wow my honeyyy
                 Honeyy!!! Later
                 I am hot
                 But i shall go honeyyy
                 Yes, my baby! I'm waiting for you all day!!! I want you so much!!!
                 I'll wait for you my baby!
                 ЧТ 20:53
                 How can i stop, Mr sergey? He always mail me
                 How can i explain to him that he stop
                 Honeyyy..I'm home already
                 I said you wait me!!!!
                 Okay honeyyy!!
                 I go to sleep with out you honeyyy
                 You do not love me honeyy???
                 I miss you honeyyy!!
                 I need you honeyyy!!!
                 I want you honeyyy!!
                 ЧТ 22:30
                 I need.you ....
                 I want you...i want to cum honeyyy!!!
                 Where are you
                 From now on ..i do not talk to you!!!
                 My honeyyy
                 Bye ...honey...by...
                 Bye… bye...bye...
                 I am so sad honeyyy...i cry honeyyy..where are you? Honeyyy
                 ПТ 1:13
                 Honeyyy!!! I did not sleep waiting for you..it is almost 2:12 in the morning
                 ПТ 6:03
                 Вы пропустили звонок от Alice.
                 Пятница 6:08
                 Вы пропустили звонок от Alice.
                 Пятница 6:09
                 Good morning my baby! I'm sorry that I went to sleep last night and you did not wait! I was very tired in Achinsk and went to bed at 9 o'clock. I woke up at 7:00! I love you very much my sweet heart!
                 I kiss your face, honey! Do not cry, my love! Today I am at home all day! I'll call you!
                 No! You do not love me!!!
                 You do not love me! All the time angry with me honey!
                 I woke -up very early just for you..looked for your mail… but you never mail me..
                 Honeyyy!!! You know ..I really love you honeyyu
                 My phone is dead! I forgot yesterday to include it in the network! My love! Do not be angry with me!!! I love you very much! I redeem my guilt! I'm going to kiss and lick your pussy all day honey!
                 Hhhhhhhhhnnmm! Grrrrr!!!
                 You know that my dick is always sleeping in your pussy honey! I'll lick your sweet pussy!!! She again wet honey !!!
                 It's so very bad waiting for you until 2:30 in the morning?
                 Why your friend, sergey alwaays mail me, day and night? He did not stop! He stop maybe 3:00 in the morning..
                 It was very embrassed for me..cuz he told me..i want you..i love you..i need you..you wonderfull..i love you..i like sex!!
                 What a men it is..so stupid..what did he think of me a girl in a bar?
                 I told him..you go to the bar restuarant and buy a girl just suit for you in your country
                 I am so very far ..you do not know me..i give my hot romance only to sergey voronin..he answer me"… i want you..you only..i want you..i love you..
                 I think you told to sergey about our sex online? Did you tell him? Why he want me to sex? And she told me he is 35 ..i think he meant is his dick size..so crazy men..i want to snap him
                 My love! I told you that I did not talk to him! Neither in life nor on the internet! If you do not believe me, let's not have sex!
                 How many times ..that I told him...I only love for sergey Voronin..i love Voronin..do not love me ..cuz ..I really in love to Voronin..And I only give my hot romance to sergey Voronin..he answer .."I love you alicia" i want you only
                 Okay...if you like that ...fine..I block you now
                 My love! HE does not want you! He wants to hurt me! Because he was jealous of me !!!
                 I do not care him...
                 I care for you and you know that… I block you now...bye
                 I know what you meant..he did not want me..he is stupid men..
                 Fine..fine...fine..we do not sex..forget me...
                 I think you do not care my feelings
                 My love! I'm telling you that you do not love me at all! You're so easy to throw me the honey!
                 I can't
                 I kiss you honeyyy
                 So sorry my honeyyy
                 Honey! You throw me out of this fool Sergey! Where is your love? I did not write this Sergei single word about you!
                 I block many times this guy..
                 And now this morning..i block in all
                 He is fool.guy
                 Honey! I'm not angry because I really love you!!! I kiss your lips! You and I have gone in the morning real Bullfighting love honey !!!
                 I feel hurts because ..he want to sex..with me
                 I forgot to tell you..thank you for that music honeyy..i always listening ..it was very nice music
                 I think my video about you it has excited honey! You're sitting there so delicious!!! Wow!!! I want you!!!!!!
                 I am wet here honey
                 I did not cum last night honey
                 I miss you
                 I want your dick honeyy
                 We came together honey! Wait a bit! Now the wife goes to work, and I'll be to fuck you honey!!! Very deep and hard !!!
                 Okay honey..i go to salon...
                 Just mail me if you are okay
                 My love! I'm already here! I'm ready! My dick hard as a rock!!! Now get your pussy my hot dick in your cave !!!!
                 I am happy that you like my music honey! My music is my soul!!! My soul for you, honey!
                 Honeyy! Can you wait me my honeyy? I have make -up..
                 It is takes 2hours honeyy
                 Make -up for wedding honeyyy
                 I AM SO HOT...
                 But i have customer..honeyyy
                 I love you...i love you
                 It is my part..make -up
                 Of course, honey! I will have to wait as you!!! Because I love you so much honey! And you do not love me!!! You only want me honey!
                 Honeyyy..do not say that!!! I love you!!
                 Honeyyy..honeyyy...talk to you later..please..i love you do not say that ..i do not love you..please???
                 Now I turn off the phone honey!
                 Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.
                  Пятница 8:24
                 I finish already
                 Shall we eat first honeyy
                 I'm here, my love!
                 I did not eat my breakfast this morning honeyy
                 I drunk coffee recently hon!!
                 My love! Can I'll feed you my sperm?
                 Honeyyy!!! I am so hungry honeyyy
                 Sure my love! you have to eat! I've already had breakfast! I'm waiting for my girl!
                 I am done honeyy
                 Honeyyy!!! Why you are told to me that i do not love you! .it was just i want you? Not for love?
                 Do you think that is i want for you? No!!! I just got very angry ..because i'm very opened to sergey reaction for me..just imagine ..he did not no me!!! Why he said to me he want me..he want sex
                 My love! It seemed so easy because you refuse me! You just want to block me! Because Sergei fool that I do not talk!!! You say that I told him about you and our sex!!! It is very disappointing for me !!!
                 You forget about that fool Sergey! He would drink whiskey and all the time you call! In all my years I have never talked with him in Facebook! Where did he come from?
                 That is why..I'm thinking that you told him our relation hon
                 My love! According to my clip is not difficult to guess about my love for you! Little girl from Kalibo! Alice in love! My love with distant Philippines! What can I guess? All clear without words!
                 I am not afraid to tell him our realation hon..i only be careful just for you ..your family
                 Honeyyy..the truth!!! I can not block you..i can not honeyyy
                 I see
                 Yes..i know… I understand for what you meant
                 I love you so much honey! I am also very worried about you! you have a family, too!
                 I know honeyy!
                 Let me kiss you and hug honey!
                 I, too..I love you the most honeyy
                 Kiss me honeyyy..forgive me please!!
                 Do not worry about sergey..I totally block him..i want to slap him if he in my front
                 I kiss you honeyy
                 Deeper and sweet
                 I really miss you honey! My dick for two days solid as a rock! My dick for two days missed your pussy!!! In your wet hairy pussy honey!
                 I kiss your nick..your chest hon..i kiss your nipple
                 Aaaaaahh..i kneel you honeyy
                 I lick your dick honeyyy
                 Aaaaaaahhh!!! I turning hot again honeyy
                 I want to cum today honeyyy..please..
                 I lick your head dick honeyyy
                 Wow!!! Take my dick in your mouth baby! Bury it deeply! According to the most eggs!!! Suck my dick honey!!! lick my balls!!! Ooooooooooooooooo!!! I love you so much! I love your pussy !!!!
                 I lick your dick
                 I suck your dick
                 I suck deeper to my mouth
                 Deepest yo my throat
                 I suck more honeyy
                 Again i lick like a lollipop candy
                 I fuck your mouth! Your pussy has become wet!!! The juice of your pussy is flowing through my fingers! My finger into your cave honey!!! I masturbate your pussy!!! Your clitoris become hard! You're already moaning honey !!!!
                 Honeyyy..i am wet!!!!
                 I am so wet
                 We do 69 honeyyy
                 I lick your dick so much
                 Juice from the head of my dick runs on your tongue! You're asking me!!! Honey!!! You fuck me in the pussy!!! In my wet hairy pussy!!! I'm going with you! I Spreading your legs!!! Oooooooooooooooo!!! I see your beautiful pussy!!! Now I'm going to her to fuck!!! Very deeply and gently!
                 In and out to my mouth
                 Aaaaaahhhh!!! Honeyyy fuck me like a doggg!!
                 I want you to fuck me hard and deeper honneyyy
                 I am wet honeyyy
                 I am so horny
                 I am so hoy hot hot
                 I feel so much hot hot hot
                 You take my dick in your hand! You stick my dick in her pussy!!! I begin to fuck you honey! Your ass is jumping like a ball! Your haired pussy jumping on my dick!!! My dick touching your womb!!! The uterus is shaking!!! Your whole body is shaking!!! You ask me!!! Honey!!! You fuck me deeper!!! I begin to fuck you even more deeply and firmly like a hungry dog !!!
                 Honeyyy..fuck me please
                 Honey! I put a finger in your ass!!! I fuck you in the two holes!!! You're already screaming with passion Honey !!!
                 I am so wet honeyyyy
                 Honeyyyy.do not stop
                 your pussy very wet honey! My dick in your pussy in the sea!!! My dick in your sweet juice!!! Wow!!! Tovya pussy shakes!!! Your uterus is screaming!!! You want to end the honey!!! You have two days to finish you want honey !!!!
                 I want to cummmm
                 I want to cum with you my honeyyyy
                 Please fuck me
                 Fuck me honeyyyy
                 I think i cummm
                 I fuck you like a hungry beast! Our bed is now break! your ass is jumping to the ceiling!!! My dick in your pussy like a piston!!! He fuck you on the power !!!
                 I cummmmm
                 I cummm honeyyyy..cummm with me honeyyyy
                 I love you honeyyy
                 Yes my baby!!! We came together!!! I have two days want to come with you!!! Flew !!!!
                 I hug you tight
                 My body us shaking
                 I feel so sweet homeyyy
                 I feel so happy feeling honeyyy
                 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! I finish..honeyyyy
                 My juice come out
                 You see honeyy
                 I know my baby! I'm feeling it!!! I love you very much!!! Ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа
                 Why you told to me that i do not love you..I'm always wet and cum with you honey..
                 Yesterday..i want to cum..my body is so hot yesterday
                 Honeyyyy..wow...i lick your dick again honeyyy
                 I lick and lick honeyy
                 I lick your sperm honeyyy
                 My love! Forgive me!!! I had a headache yesterday! I came to Achinsk and went to sleep!!! I like you very much!!! But I did not wait for you !!!
                 Wow!!! My baby!!! You lick my cum!!! You lick my wet head dick!!! I love it!!! You eat my cum!!! This is your lunch !!!
                 Hahahaha..yes honeyy..i lick your dick even you cum..because i love you honeyy
                 I love you so much honey!!! I want to be with you always!!!
                 It is okay honeyy..i understand..me too ..sorry ..cuz i did not calm my temper it's cuz of bad mouth of sergey..you know honeyyy!!! He told me .."You like my sperma"?.. How i got angry with him honey
                 I, too
                 Honeyy… take you rest and sleep
                 Ok honey! Can you ask?
                 Let my dick all day is in your pussy! In your wet hairy pussy! You will be uncomfortable to walk with my by a dick in pussy! But you be patient honey! It is for the whole day yesterday !!!
                 My baby! I am amazed!!! This Sergei worked 20 years the chief architect of the city of Barnaul! He had become insane as a retired!!! Honey! I want to smash his face !!!
                 Music for you! My love!!!!
                 коррида Любви.mp3
                 Did you eat your lunch
                 I'm done honey
                 Yes, honeyyy ..your dick in my pussy..
                 Still I did not eat lunch! I'll go take a shower!
                 I go with you in your shower honeyyy
                 I want to lick and lick your sperm..
                 It just for your sperm not to sergey your friend..he is damnnn
                 That is why i am so angry yesterday..how many times that i told him ..do not love me cuz i love is for mr voronin only not to others..he said..i want you..i like you..i love you alicia..i only want you..just you..i lwant sex… i like sex… you like my sperma?
                 Oh so bad guy ...
                 My love! It is precisely the devil! How can a foreigner unfamiliar woman offering his sperm? Without the mutual love and respect?
                 Yes honeyyy...i told him...you do not know me..i do not like sex...I like to give my hot romance only to Mr Sergei Voro-nin! And he said..why, I don't? I told him you just buy a girl in a bar nearby you..go to bar and got you sex to the lady in your country
                 Not to me i am so far ..i repeat not to me ..I really in love to Voronin
                 He ..answer me..please..please..please..i like you..you are wonderfull..My Zheng..37..36..
                 Wow!!! What you clever my baby!!! How do you answer him well!!! I love you honey!!! Let him masturbate his dick in his Barnaul!
                 Why honeyyy? That is the truth honeyy!
                 Yes!!! But you said it so well!!! HE will long remember your words honey !!!
                 I ask you yesterday if you agree to me..i wanted to told him you and i are lovers? But you did not answer my qued-tion..that is why i feel you do not like to tell him our relation it because you have a family in there
                 But i said… I am only love to you!!! Not exactly you love me too honey!!! You got my point honey ???
                 My love! I do not mind! You can tell him whatever you want!!! I love you very much!!! I believe you!!!
                 But never mind honeyy!!! He can not mail me again never
                 If he use my cp number… i off
                 I love you more than you love me honey!!! I have not received!
                 My own cp number was tag in may profile
                 In my Zhenzie page..alice  fb
                 I have 3 acct in fb..only one is close i can not open it
                 And how about you honeyy? I saw you had instagram acct
                 I tell you my acct n fb..alice toriano..Zhenzie page and My Salon name «Zhenzie sim»
                 Yes my love! I have instagram, but I do not use it!
                 Yes i kmow..i research it
                 I have a page on Twitter! But I also do not use it!
                 Thank you ...you said it truth
                 I remember..i told him ..no..not me..i am decient woman
                 I am not decient woman to Sergey Voronin honeyyy!!! Hahahahaha..all the way down honeyyyy
                 Honeyy.i want to sleep with you
                 I want nap...i did not sleep last night honey...only 3 hours i slept
                 Yes my love! Now I went with you in the shower! I wash your pussy! You washed my dick! And now we go to bed to-gether! We need to relax honey!
                 You seducing me again honeyy
                 I hold your dick honeyyy
                 I masturbate your dick while my lips kissing your lips honeyy..my tongue in your tongue playing like a snake in our mouth honeyyy...aaaaaaahhh!!! My honey..i feel i get fever honeyyy
                 My body wants to shake
                 My belly wants to swing
                 Ahhhhhh!!! My pusssy wants ti open her cave to wait of entering of your dick....oooooooohhh my honeyyy!!
                 Wash my pussy and i was your dick honeyyy
                 I want to lick your dick honeyyy
                 I hold your dick and i masturbate your dick slowly and gentle honeyyy
                 Where are you?? I am waiting
                 Honeyyy .i feel dizzy...where are you honeyyy
                 I play our music honeyy
                 What a nice music am feeling so much in love
                 My baby! I'm going to fuck you in the dog pose !!!
                 Honey!!! My dick again ready to fuck you! I'll be back to fuck you!!! Your ass is beautiful! I Spreading your buttocks! My tongue climbs you in the ass!!! My finger climbs into your pussy!!! I'll masturbate in two holes honey!!! My dick is already shaking with excitement!
                 Вы пропустили звонок от Alice.
                  Пятница 13:44
                 I am hornyyy
                 Вы пропустили звонок от Alice.
                  Пятница 13:56
                 My love! Where are you?
                 My love! I have internet on your phone is turned off!
                 Talk to me honeyyy
                 Honeyyy....where are you
                 Honeyy..my net has a problem....
                 ПТ 15:57
                 My love! I was frightened! My phone shows that lacks a connection to the Internet! I do not understand where the miss-ing Internet android!
                 Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.
                  Пятница 16:20
                 Позвонить еще раз
                 Honeyyyy !!!
                 Talk to me honeyyy!!!
                 Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.
                  Пятница 16:41
                 Позвонить еще раз
                 What happened honeyyy???
                 I saw you are online
                 My love! I really miss you! Why did not you answer your phone?
                 You slept after dinner honey?
                 Honeyyy!!! Me, too… i miss you honeyyy!!
                 I had 3facial this afternoon honeyy..
                 No honeyy!!! I did not slept..i am so busy and my internet connection is so bad..not working honeyy
                 I try to call you 2x.to inform you that i had customer ..but i can not connect you
                 I drink coffee honeyy..shall we drink cpffee honeyy!!
                 Honeyyy!!! What are you doing?
                 I felt slept after my lunch recently ..i got to bed and i wanted to nap..but my staff called me ..i had customer for faci-al..that is why i got back to salon agaon
                 I did not rest..i feel tired honeyy
                 Yes honey! I feel that you are not rested! I cook dinner! I really miss you!
                 Yes… honeyyy..i want to rest but i can not make..i do a lot here in my home..fixing everything
                 I close exactly 6:00PM today
                 Me too honeyy!!! I really miss you
                 Talk to you later honey..just mail honey..i read later
                 My love! Now I wrote a very sad melody "Tears of Alice"! Baby! Do not Cry! You make my heart hurt!!! I love you so much honey! I'll never hurt !!!
                 That is why i really love you honeyy
                 I know honey! I'm feeling it! my love!!!
                 ПТ 19:18
                 Wait me...we talk after 1hour
                 How beautiful you are my girl!!! I'm going to do the music of Alice's tears and come to you honey !!!
                 Okay honeyyy!!
                 Сергей Воронин  «Дорожный роман»
                 Грустная тема мимолетного дорожного романа, иногда длиною в целую Жизнь!