"The words for a dessert"

  "The words for a dessert"
… in no event tea, in no event coffee.
There come vague days.
The grey sky smears to me the sky with dryness.
The brother in a distant corner confirms alcoholism canons.

In Brazil meanwhile deep warm autumn, and people here call,
Which in my consciousness not that have died, but have disappeared,
As those who has died actually.

I wander on memoirs
Also I see one partings on the middle of winter days.

Dim light of chandeliers interferes in fast evening of winter,
Also there is nothing from summer.
Any «the thief of stuffed animals of ducks» spins in my head,
Also does not give rest that I could realise, and what for it abducted them?

Really it was forced by a certain whim in an image of lust!
Where he was going to hide them?
Also what with them to do?
I drink compote of green colour and I look at shades of falling trees,
But it is the whole eternity.

And so oppresses transience of short words.
I say a little different, as if on a choice,
For the visitor of tiny cafe,
But interest is not present.

He asks in the answer one and other,
But not so quickly and necessarily slocks .
I, hurrying up, I pronounce again ordered words
— The visitor is happy.

It lines a head remind,
That it does not require in too many words,
That he heard much, how has eaten, for a faultless life,
And today a portion of words for a dessert –
No more than casual entertainment
Before a natural dream..
SAND Songs Publication'2010

  • Автор: Andy Staglean, опубликовано 23 июня 2012